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Zootopia: A Wolf-Dragon’s POV
Toa Coy

Sorry for the wait, I had another story to write and wait for the Transcriptions just so I can work around the official script.

~Toa Coy~

Chapter Two: Our past makes us who we are

Eight years had past since Dracana had appeared in Bunnyburrows, and those days had only two settings; work days and sitter days. During her early weeks of recovery she would look after Judy as Stu and Bonnie tended to the house and fields, but once the cast was off and out in the world Dracana showed how helpful she could be. She happened to arrived a few weeks from harvest time and both adult rabbits saw how the wolf had cleared fields within hours rather than days. With the wolf pup helping the rabbit pair got to the market early and priced their crops fair, like a dollar more but had more supply, which made some more money but did not make them the most popular.

It was after that day Dracana noticed a jar on top of the refrigerator with some money in it, she shrugged it off as something that the Hopps would want in the future. By the time of the next seasonal harvest Dracana had noticed the two adults following an old saying about rabbits, which meant she had more work to do after the fields had been plowed and the seeds planted. Strange how that saying had a double entendre when she thought back to that moment. Now with currently eighty-nine little bunnies to look after when she was not in the fields working or at the stand. Dracana was somewhat lucky that Judy and her siblings did not have the same reaction as others might to new additions to the family. Judy had taken a more mothering role to her younger siblings as even with Dracana’s ‘quick’ reactions the wolf was just a bit too large to be there like the young rabbit. This recalled memories of her own brother to Dracana’s mind, before they only had each other then over time they met that special one that they loved more than life itself.

The hushing of the canvas constructed theater brought Dracana back to the present and the show that was about to begin. From what Dracana had learned from helping Judy that this was a short play on how their society came to be. Dracana just nodded and helped with the makeshift police uniform for the end of the play.

“ Bunny cop! That is the most stupidest thing I ever heard.” A voice heckled from the audience said with slight evil chuckle, this made Dracana just shake her head.

“It may seem impossible to small minds,” Judy said addressing the audience. “I'm looking at you, Gideon Grey,” looking at the tubby fox kit and the ferret beside him. “but, just two-hundred and eleven miles away stands the great city of Zootopia, where our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared that anyone can be anything!” After the speech Judy grabbed the paws of the sheep and jaguar on stage with her as they got ready for the ending bow. “Thank you and goodnight.”

The crowd gave a few claps for the young animal's efforts before filing out while the three on stage went to change and the cougar, that was the SFX for the show, packed up his small number of instruments. Dracana decided to go and check the stand that the Hopps family ran at the Carrot Days Festival. She did noticed the fox and ferret conversing about something but she ignored it as she had work to do. From what she saw as she got there many of the out of town animal’s reaction to working at a stand and then seeing two rabbits come to the same stand was priceless.

Dracana had a soft chuckle at the dumbfounded looks they had, but that chuckle was cut short as a thud came to her ear. This was not a foot thud but a thrown to the ground thud, after helping the customer she excused herself and made a beeline for the sound of the thud with a quickening pace but not top speed as that cause more damage than good. When the wolf-dragon got to the source of the of the sound her fisted clenched with her claws digging into her palm, Gideon stood over Judy who had a paw covering one of her cheeks and a pained look on her face.

“I want you to remember this moment the next time you think you will ever be anything more than just a stupid, carrot-farming dumb bunny!” The fox spat in anger and as if he was speaking to a subservient being.

It was this point that Dracana quickly, by that it was like she teleported, behind the fox and the ferret that was next to him. Taller than the two predators in a flannel shirt and overalls the red wolf had a pissed look on her face, which in turned the kits had a scared look on theirs. This was Dracana the wolf famous for clearing an acre of land in four hours, by herself, and the stories that people came up for how strong she must be by doing that have been many.

“If it was up to me I would knock both of you so far away that you would pass Zootopia only to land on the other side of it,” The rage was clear on the wolf’s face. “But I know the more enjoyable option.”

With that she reached down and grabbed them by the scruff of their necks and turned away from Judy and her friends but asked.

“Can one of you come with me and explain what happen while the rest get Judy to the first aid tent.” Dracana waited for one of the animals to walk to her, the jaguar came along side the wolf. She had a heavy sigh that these kids already had predigest because of people clinging to old ideas that caused unneeded pain. That thought in her mind she began to look for those responsible for the two in her paws with the jaguar following her.


Coy had an interesting eight years since he became like big brother to Nick. When he told Missus Wilde what the kids did to her son and just how he came there to stop it, to say she was horrified by what the kids wanted to do to her son made her offer her home to the wolf until he could find his parents. Coy wanted to say no as he knew it would better if he just moved on, but the vixen had cooked dinner and his stomach betrayed him.

During the first few months while Nick was going to school Coy had located the library and began to research history of the place he had landed. The wolf’s morals would not let him mooch off the kindness of the foxes, but going to school seemed a bit too much seeing as math seemed to work the same in this universe as any other. From what he read the standard writing rules he knew applied so only list of famous books would be his problem there. By the time spring break came around the wolf felt ready to go for the GED, but spending all his time with his nose in book was balanced with helping Nick with his work. The Kit had a knack for math and economics, but that night was still lives in his eyes.

Missus Wilde had come to the wolf when Nick had gone to a friend’s house and asked if her son had spoken to him about anything that she should be worried about. Coy could just say that Nick seems to be doubting the idea that he could be anything but the thief and sneaky fox they saw him as. The wolf-dragon could see the sadden look in the older fox’s eyes, but he could not do anything then hug her and say he would be his best to keep that optimism Nick showed when Coy told him stories alive.

When Nick was twelve Coy noticed the fox coming home with money some days and a limp other days, when the GED holding wolf asked what this was about Nick would just say he fell or found the money in a gutter. The wolf did not buy it for a moment, but did not push the fox farther. Early one morning, on a day off from his job as a stock person for the icecream factory, the wolf-dragon used his strength to jump onto the roof tops and follow Nick on the kit’s way to school. Nick walked to school due to him living close to it, but Coy noticed that the vupin go to a convenience store and come back out with a smaller fox back towards the school. Coy had a guest on who the smaller fox was but he would tell his mother about this but first to search the fox’s room.

The wolf-dragon was almost always amazed by how clean Nick kept his room, given what the universe hopper had seen it was a nice change to have a more long term stay and live a normal life. Shaking his head Coy moved towards the little fox's desk and began to sniff for the smell of fresh ink or the graphite of a pencil, the dresser was the first place he looked. Aside from some magazines that made him ignore that smell he noticed as he walked in, nothing was out of line. Next was the closet and this had the smell that he was looking for, after moving shirts and pants the wolf looked in the selves. Tapping on each back until he heard a hollow sound, and he found what he was looking for.

It was a notebook with names, numbers, and dates, but he also noticed the names in it. It was candy, which made sense for what he had seen so far. From what he could see Nick was making a good chunk of money, but there is the times that made the wolf wonder if the fox knew the path he might be going down. Putting the notebook back and the hidden panel in the self Coy now had time to wait with both foxes out, Nick at school and Missus Wilde at work, the wolf had chores to do around the house.

That conversation stuck in Coy’s head for years, it was when he first saw the pain even mitigate stuck with Nick. The fox said it wasn’t anything but just as this was happening the older vixen walked in and was more shocked that her son was doing this. They got into a shouting contest ending, with Missus Wilde taking all the remaining candy and money away, grounding Nick for the next two months, and having Coy walk Nick to school to make sure the young fox was not going to try this again. The preteen fox blamed the wolf for all this and began to give the cool shoulder to the savior he once in place of this destroyer.

“Mister Drago-wolf,” A voice pulled the wolf-dragon out of the past into the present day. “The late Missus Wilde will gives you control of all her estates and assets as well as guardianship of her child.”

The wolffian cyan eyes looked over the Fisher in a black suit and blue neck tie, the woman was about as emotional as a lawyer would be giving this news. With a heavy sigh the suit clad wolf with dragon wings looked over the papers on the desk before looking up at the lawyer.

“Is there anything that she left with you that was not in the will?” Coy asked knowing Nick had not stopped going to the grave since his mother was laid there. “Any letters or keys that she had given in the past few years.”

“There is one,” The fisher replied looking in the file for it before pulling a small box with Nick’s name on it. “She said that this was not to be touched unless something happened to her or her son.”

Coy had an idea of what was in that but kept it to himself. “Is that every thing you can give me?” Pulling out a small briefcase and began to put the papers and box inside.

“Yes that is all.” The lawyer relayed as she began to clean the desk and get the file to be put away for good.

“Alright have a good day and a hope you don’t have another meeting like this today.” The wolf said gently shutting the case and secured it close. Getting up the wolf gave a short wave to the lady before making his way out.

He left The Law Offices of Genet and Fisher with a heavy feeling in his heart and arm. A day like this would normally be rainy, overcast, and a sad undertone of the world mourning in unison with what the wolf felt. But some days it would just not work as the bright and cheery day made this whole deal either more out of place or...edgy?

Coy could not understand why so many animals called Nick that, the dark colors was to be expected from one in mourning, and something called memes. Shaking his head from the confusion of this world’s youth culture, doing this let him see where his feet took him. The cemetery, the one that became a standard stop since the vixen had passed. Following the gravel road past the rows to the freshly made grave with a double head stone for the wildes, one grassy and the other freshly dug dirt, with a sixteen year old fox sitting there dressed in black and tear stain on his fur.

“Nick.” Coy said softly knowing that moving on would be the best. “I came back with the will and there was something your mother left outside the will.”

With that the wolf sat down next to the fox, open the briefcase, and fished out the box handing it to the sorrowful fox. Nick looked at the small box with a short note on it.

“I’m sorry that I’m not there but here is something I regret not supporting you in.” Nick read quietly but Coy’s ears still picked it up.

Opening it brought more tears in the still teary eyed fox, it was the money his mother took that year four years ago.

“I know you're scared but if you let it heal and use it to make you better.” Coy said his voice holding a similar pain to what Nick felt.

“Will it get better?” Nick asked, for a moment Coy saw the kit he saved eight years ago since that day four years ago.

“Time heals wounds,” Coy started as he looked up. “But you never get over it and deal with it.”

“You have a better poker face then me.” Nick said following Coy’s line of sight. “Bet we could hustle a good chunk of change with it.”

“Maybe but cheating just to win is over rated.” Coy replied getting up and grabbing his briefcase. “Besides you have school in the morning and I have work.”

“Fine,” Nick shrugged and looked at the graves. “But friday you and me are going to do something fun.”

“My fun or your fun?” Coy shot to him with a grin.

For a moment time rewind and a fox family smiling and happy while a wolf-dragon sat in a tree smiling at the joy he was watching. But the moment passed and only the teen fox and wolf-dragon left the hallowed ground in some brighter spirits but still not back normal.


Dracana walked into her small three year old house and began to start some tea along with protein meal from the plants and bugs that was sold to predators. Today was just a bad day, the wolf-dragon not only had to deal with the brat of the Grey’s child but seeing how Judy reacted to her own movement and her hands.

The day was near it’s end and a nice hot bath will feel so good right now, food made in a salad and burger form was set on the counter as she checked the tea. One thing Dracana loved about who she is was her control elemental powers, like if her tea was too cold then a bit of fire from her had to make it right. With a deep sigh she looked at the life she had here, while not a dream home it was her own space where she could stretch her wings or use her powers without worry.

*Knock* *Knock*

“I wonder who that could be?” Dracana asked herself with a sigh.

Walking to her front door she looked down and her both rose and sank, Judy was there large bandage on her cheek and a sad look in her eyes.

“Hey Miss Dracana is it alright if I come in?” The young rabbit asked looking into the eyes of the larger animal.

“Not at all.” Dracana replied with a weak smile on her face keeping her fangs hidden. “I had just finished making my dinner.”

“Oh,” Judy spoked, surprised as even her family had yet to have dinner. “I can come back if I’m disturbing you.”

“I’m guessing you’re not ready to really talk about it I can understand that.” Dracana replied leaning on the door frame.

“No,” The rabbit said a bit flustered as she was not wanting to seem weak but not wanting to be an overly dramatic rabbit. “It is just I notice you acting different after I saw you when we left the festival.”

“I have been acting like that because of how you reacted and looked at my paws and fangs.” Dracana spoke frank in a defeated tone.

“I see what you mean,” Judy conclude. “I felt so scared, like I was nothing but a weak bunny. It was like all of that talk and I have nothing but will to back it up.”

“And that is what you will need to get that even in the door.” Dracana said kneeling to look the rabbit in the eye. “Personally I would love to see you up there alongside those much tougher and larger.”

“You think so?” Judy perked up.

“I know so.” Dracana replied hugging the rabbit gently.


A drop causes a ripple to form, but a well worn river does not change it’s course.

A/N: now why did I have Nick’s family dead? Because so many write something about Nick’s mom or other family members and maybe there are dead in the original canon may be later but it happen now.
Zootopia: A Wolfdragon's POV ch 2
Now we are into the start of the movie with my idea of what Nick was going through.


So I have been more with drawn lately, mostly just sleeping at strange hours and not going out much. Anyway I found something that I Promised to show off like half a year ago. heavy147 asked me on my moc the protector of Sonics if they could draw it, I said yes and they asked to spread word of them and their skills. Well I'm doing that now.

My Moc: Protector Of Sonics by JFPierre

Their artwork: Sonic Protecter by heavy147

Now with that done I would like to say I'm going to Midwest Bronyfest 2016 and will have an OC badge with my OC Toa on it so if you are going come find me and chat. It is May 27-29.

~Toa Coy~
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